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Language Learning Materials for All Ages

Language Learning Materials for All Ages

We finally have a very basic, one page site up with Foreign Language House and a link to our materials, units, activities and lessons for Spanish, French, ESL, and elementary students, or well, anyone who wants to learn Spanish or French, or English. We’ve got it all: reading, music, conversation, themes, stories, writing for all ages.

Remember that we offer freebies often so be sure to check often.

Spanish Thanksgiving Activities for all Ages

Feliz Día de la Acción de Gracias

Feliz Día de la Acción de Gracias

Looking for some fun Thanksgiving activities in Spanish? If you’re looking for a collection of Spanish Thanksgiving activities that you can pick and choose from, or a short unit, be sure to check out our Thanksgiving units and activity guides at Foreign Language House. We strive to provide creative, fun, & context-rich materials that are convenient, and affordable for all ages.

Our units, lessons & activities are based on an enagaging story. As foreign language education research & our classroom experience shows, the framework of a story makes language memorable & appealing to all learners.  Story is the defining component of Foreign Language House materials.

If you’re a parent or an adult interested in introducing children to Spanish, there are also materials for you. This holiday we’ve provided units for every age and most Spanish language levels. See the list and selections below:


  • Thanksgiving Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe Games & Activities
  • PreK to Grade 2 Story, Activities, Songs, & Coloring Sheets
  • Grade 3 to Grade 6 Activities, Songs, Writing Activities & Coloring Sheets
  • Grade 7 to Grade 12 More Advanced Story, Visuals, Vocabulary & Verb Activities, & Writing Activities

Spanish Activities and Vocabulary for Thanksgiving

un pavo para el Día de la Acción de Gracias

un pavo para el Día de la Acción de Gracias

Something so American to learn Spanish?  You bet!  What is better than family, friendship, food, and Thanksgiving Dinner family intrigue to learn a language. Young learners especially respond to the excitement of Thanksgiving with its food and family gatherings presented in Spanish.

Quickie Spanish Vocabulary List

  • family= la familia
  • friendship=la amistad
  • meal= una comida
  • pilgrim= el/la peregrina/o
  • Native American= indígena
  • turkey=el pavo
  • nap= siesta
  • football game= el partido de fútbol americano

What about some handy phrases

  • Please pass me the . .  =Favor de pasarme el (la) . . .
  • Thank you= gracias
  • You are welcome= de nada
  • yes, please= Sí, por favor.
  • no, thank you= No, gracias.
  • more please= Más, por favor
  • I am stuffed= Estoy lleno(a)

See the newest e-book on Thanksgiving friends Jane the Pilgrim and Running Strong the Native American from Foreign Language House at

Learn Spanish Body Parts & Celebrate a Fall Festival

October 14, 2008 · Posted in Preschool Spanish, Spanish Songs, Spanish Vocabulary · Comment 
El espantapájaros

El espantapájaros

For those who don’t participate in Halloween, Fall Festival activities are just as much fun, or moreso.  Learn about the face parts in Spanish with a friendly jack o lantern, or una calabaza or una linterna. Label body parts on a scarecrow, or un espantapájaros.

Face Vocabulary- las partes de la cara

  • los ojos- the eyes
  • la nariz- the nose
  • la boca- the mouth
  • the smile- la sonrisa

Basic Body Parts- las partes del cuerpo

  • la cabeza- the head
  • the neck- el cuelllo
  • the shoulders- los hombros
  • the stomach- el estómago
  • the chest-el pecho
  • the arms- los brazos
  • the hands- los manos
  • the knees- las rodillas
  • the legs- las piernas
  • the feet- los pies

Have fun with a collection of fall festival activities and learn your Spanish body parts¡

Free Spanish Halloween Worksheets: Sabrina the Black Cat

Sabrina la gata negra

Sabrina la gata negra

Trick or treat? You’re definitely in for a treat: free Spanish Halloween worksheets with pictures, vocabulary, and more.

If you celebrate this American holiday, you’ll have to check out our Sabrina the Black Cat or Sabrina la gata negra download for some friendly Halloween reading fun.  Diane and I at Foreign Language House have been busy this month creating some special Halloween language learning activities.

Sabrina la gata negra is a fun and simple story for beginning Spanish students.  It’s about a little black cat who just happens to live in a haunted house with some sweet but spooky friends.  The narration is written in simple, present tense that just begs to be acted out through Total Physical Response (TPR.)  This holiday reading is simple enough for novice-level students to enjoy and comprehend with success.

Our Sabrina the Black Cat downloads include picture flashcards for Halloween and rooms of the house vocabulary–perfect for fun vocabulary games!  In addition, there’s a handy listing of all of the nouns, verbs, and adjectives used in the story.

The narration is presented in four different ways:  a bilingual version ( Spanish/English),  Spanish versions with illustrations, a CLOZE (fill-in-the-blank) activity, and a mini-book to be illustrated by students.  We also include some simple Sabrina songs to help reinforce language and meaning.  Comprehension activities round out this short holiday unit and make it a must for elementary students, middle schoolers, or even fun-loving level 1 high school students.

To introduce you to Sabrina, we’ve prepared a FREE worksheet in Spanish, and even in French.  Follow these links to download your FREE Spanish Halloween worksheets- French too:

To order the full Sabrina unit for only $5, follow these links:

Sabrina la gata negra (Spanish)

Sabrina la chatte noire (French)

Lulu accepts both credit card payments and PayPal.

We hope you enjoy using the powerful context of a story to teach language this October!

Spanish October & Pumpkin Vocabulary, Description, & Song

October 8, 2008 · Posted in Preschool Spanish, Spanish Songs, Spanish Vocabulary · Comment 
Una Calabaza

Una Calabaza

Octubre, or October, is here.  Practice Spanish colors on the warm side of the spectrum, and shapes and sizes too with pumpkins and candy corn.

candy corn

unos dulces

Pumpkin Vocabulary List/Una lista de vocabulario sobre las calabazas

  • pumpkin= la calabaza
  • candy= el dulce
  • orange= anaranjada
  • green= verde
  • yellow= amarilla
  • big= grande
  • medium= mediana
  • small= pequeña
  • white= blanco
  • triangle= triángulo
  • round= redonda

Description: La calabaza es grande y anaranjada.  The pumpkin is big and orange.

El dulce es anaranjado, blanco, y amarillo.  The candy is orange, white, and yellow.

Pumpkin Song/Una Cancin de las Calabaza: To “The Farmer in the Dell”

  • La calabaza en la noche, la calabaza en la noche
  • Hay caramba!  ¡La calabaza en la noche!

Sing this several times and your pronunciation will be great!  More Halloween activities here.

Spanish Numbers & Counting Activities-Unas Manzanas

September 27, 2008 · Posted in Preschool Spanish, Spanish Songs, Spanish Vocabulary · Comment 
Unas Manzanas Rojas

Unas Manzanas Rojas

t’s finally fall, or  el otoño as we say.  Nothing is better than a crisp, locally grown apple, or una manzana, that you buy at the farmer’s market or at a road-side apple stand in the mountains, or las montañas.

Spanish Counting Practice
A great way to practice counting and remembering Spanish numbers is to count all of those apples.

  1. Sing the Uno, Dos, Tres Manzanas song
  2. Read the vocabulary list below
  3. Try to put together some descriptions.

Then, for more review, describing the manzanas before you slice them up will come in handy.

Song-Canción (to the tune of Michael Finnegan, or 10 Little Indians)
Uno, dos, tres manzanas
Cuatro, cinco, seis manzanas
Siete, ocho, nueve manzanas
Diez manzanas hoy

Continue numbers in the next verses, or start counting by twos, threes, fives, tens, etc.

La manzana- the apple
Roja- red
Pequeña- small
Mediana- medium
Dulce- sweet
Amarga- bitter

Es una manzana.  La manzana es pequeña, roja y redonda.
This is an apple.  The apple is small, red, and round.

Free Spanish Songs For Kids: Sign Up for a Free CD!

September 27, 2008 · Posted in Preschool Spanish, Spanish Songs, Spanish Vocabulary · 1 Comment 
We are Little Amigos CD

We are Little Amigos CD

The best collection of Spanish songs for children out there is We are Little Amigos. My dominicana friend, Maribel Suardy, wrote the songs and she sings them in her beautiful voice with dynamic music.  Go to the website below and sign up for the drawing to win one of her CDs.

**This website format won’t allow links.  Apologies.  Perdóname.

Learning Spanish Songs for Children: Fantastic Spanish CD for Younger Kids

Spanish Songs for Children

Spanish Songs for Children

Okay . . . this article is for the adorable preschool set, or los niños prescolares.  The best Spanish music for children I’ve heard in years in on Maribel Suardy’s CD, We Are Little Amigos. All of the classic songs starting from Hello and My name is onward are on the CD that ages 2-7 (or older) will love, and sing.

Learning Authentic Spanish Pronunciation

Singing is IT for learning and practicing authentic Spanish pronunciation. Melodies and tunes stay in permanent, or semantic memory, so children always retain the pristine pronunciation of lyrics in songs.  Kids truly internalize the musical sounds that they hear, and then repeat.

Buy your copy of Maribel’s CD, or you can go to her site on my blogroll to download and buy single songs.

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