Super Bowl 46 is almost here, and it is the perfect way to practice using Spanish numbers. ¡Vaya Gigantes!  ¡Vaya Patriotas!  The excitement of the game, the teams, and the players bring Spanish numbers alive like no other event.

Super Bowl Spanish Activities

There are so many opporutnities to use Spanish numbers: describing players and their jersey numbers, player and team stats, and describing the field.

Most of us love the Super Bowl, so talking about it in Spanish is fun.  Here is some basic Super Bowl vocabulary:

  • fútbol americano- American football
  • el equipo- the team
  • el jugador- the player
  • el entrenador jefe- the head coach
  • el mariscal- the quarterback
  • la línea defensiva- the defensive line
  • la línea ofensiva- the offensive line

Spanish Numbers-20 to 100 in tens

  • veinte- 20
  • treinta- 30
  • cuarenta- 40
  • cincuenta- 50
  • sesenta- 60
  • setenta- 70
  • ochenta- 80
  • noventa- 90
  • ciento (cien in front of nouns)- 100

The Spanish present perfect- or what just happened

What has just happened to you? You need to know how to say this in Spanish. The grammatical term for this is the PRESENT PERFECT.  Here are some pointers:

Use the correct helping verb + the past participle = has or have done something.

Present Perfect Practice

More Spanish Materials & Activities

Spanish Travel and Airplane Activities

March 30, 2011 · Posted in SPANISH CLASS NOW, Travel, spanish speaking activities · Comment 

Learning how to communicate on a flight is vital.  Spanish learners who have some conversational basics are ready to learn airplane and air travel vocabulary and basic phrases.  As always, develop assessments at the very beginning of planning a unit so that you teach exactly what students will e assessed on.  Here is a big assessment, making a video about a flight, and a small vocabulary and verb review.

Enter in your own point values for the Video Skit, or come up with values as a class.

Spanish Video Skit on A Flight

Spanish Flight Activity or Assessment

Instant Handouts, Power Points, Materials!

Need Spanish materials immediately?  Buy a Key to the House membership at You can browse, choose, and instantly download any digital document or power point on the site.  Straight to your own hard-drive, and you have it forever!

You can always re-download them if you need them again too.

Spanish Oscar Activities

It’s Academy Award time!  Spanish students, especially the tween and teen set, love talking about the Oscars. Be ready for Los Premios Oscar 2011 with These Activities. Students also have practice using the superlative, mejor, or the best.

Spanish Oscar Vocabulary

  • la película – the film
  • el actor- the actor
  • la actriz – the actress
  • el director- the director
  • la película documental- the documentary
  • la película animada – the animated film

Ring in the New Year: Back to the Spanish Classroom

December 16, 2010 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, spanish speaking activities · Comment 

We’ve barely made it to the end of the 2010 school year.  Winter Break, books, the couch, my bed, and my ipod are calling.  But, there is always that first week of January in Spanish classes.

Some of us continue with the same course and the same students, but we need some freshening up.

Some of you begin a brand new semester and course with new students, and you need activities, lessons, and plans to get you through it.


Spanish Clothing Podcast – La Ropa

Here is a short, basic list of Spanish clothing items.

Spanish Clothing Items

Visit for more Spanish materials and activities.

Spanish Weather Podcast – El Tiempo

Talking about the weather is a true basic. Here is a list of basic Spanish weather expressions.

Spanish Weather Phrases

Visit for more Spanish materials and activities.

Spanish Days of the Week – Los Días de la Semana

A free podcast of the days of the week, or los días de la semana.

Spanish Days of the Week

Visit for more Spanish materials and activities.

Spanish Community Vocabulary – Los Lugares

A basic podcast of some Spanish places to go, or unos lugares in my community, or mi comunidad.

Spanish Places – Unos Lugares

Visit for more Spanish materials and activities.

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