Spanish Descriptions or Adjectives Podcast

A few, basic Spanish adjectives commonly used for descriptions.

Spanish Descriptions

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Spanish Animals Podcast

Spanish animals podcast.

Spanish Animals

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Spanish Numbers Podcast: 1-15

Spanish Numbers 1-15.

Spanish Numbers

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Spanish Alphabet and Vowels Podcast

The Spanish Alphabet and Vowel sounds.

El Alfabeto- The Spanish Alphabet

Spanish Vowels & Tongue Twisters

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World Cup Trivia: Mexico Vs. Uruguay

June 22, 2010 · Posted in spanish speaking activities · Comment 

World Cup Spanish Web Quest

Practice your Spanish even more with la Copa Mundial, or the World Cup Soccer. Skimming and hunting through a Spanish language website is great for all Spanish learners.   Here is today’s Mundial question:

¿Qué número lleva Cuatemoc Blanco de México?  or  What number does Cuatemoc Blanco of Mexico wear?

Use the FIFA World Cup site.

Spanish Culture Activities- A Trip to Mexico City

May 21, 2010 · Posted in spanish speaking activities · Comment 

Mexican cultural activities and materials are at your finger tips in Passport to Spanish Fun: Mexico City Marvels! Pick, choose, or use all of the activities and ready-made materials and printables to give learners of all ages a life-like travel experience to the wonders of Mexico City.

Several hot-links to sites ready for you to view and use.  Here are some of the printables:

  • American Passport
  • session schedules
  • boarding passes
  • post card

Taco Bar Treats

May 17, 2010 · Posted in spanish speaking activities · Comment 

Nothing beats a taco bar. Since it requires customization, it meeds everybody needs. You only put the ingredient in  a taco that you want. Serve one up anytime.

Mexican Tacos

Authentic Mexican tacos don’t resemble their bloated Amercian counterparts. The meat is lean and freshly cooked and the vegetables and salsas are just-chopped fresh. A mexican taco is a small, streamlined  affair.  The idea in Mexico is to order a few to several tacos with only one item in them. Then, the tacos can be dressed up with different salsa and fresh hot sauces.  The fresh corn tortillas are warm, chewy, and they taste like corn.

Check out this video: preparando tacos.

Basic Taco Bar Set Up

Setting up a taco bar is all about preparing the meat and chopping  up garnishes way before-hand.  Rounding up salsas is also vital.

  • Warm the meat or meats- shredded chicken, shredded flank steak, or pulled pork, carnitas.
  • Warm the corn tortillas in the oven.  They must be stacked and wrapped in foil to prevent dryness.
  • Set up everything in a buffet: tortillas, warmed meat, grated cheese, salsas, and shredded lettuce and tomatoe are optional.
  • Diners move down the buffet filling their plates.

Mexican beans or frijoles and a Mexican cole slaw round out the meal with some flan for dessert.

Learning Spanish the Sweet Way: Mexican Candy

May 16, 2010 · Posted in spanish speaking activities · Comment 

What could be more fun than learning Spanish with candy, or dulces?  Using Mexican candy, or dulces mexicanos, brings in Mexican culture, Spanish colors, shapes, objects, fruit, and most important– taste.  Here is a vocabulary list that you can use to describe Mexican candy.  Mexican candy can be found and Latino grocery stores, some supermarkets, and by mail at

Vocabulario Dulce/Sweet Vocabulary

  • los dulces = candy
  • un dulce= a piece of candy
  • azúcar= sugar
  • dulce= sweet, as an adjective
  • amargo = bitter
  • sabroso= tasty
  • picante = spicy
  • chocolate = chocolate
  • mazápan- a crumbly, marzipan type of candy
  • asgoso = gross
  • rojo= red
  • verde= green
  • azul= blue
  • amarillo = yellow
  • anaranjado= orange
  • café= brown
  • una paleta= a sucker
  • chicle= gum
  • piña= pineapple
  • sandía= watermelon
  • mango = mango
  • fresa -= strawberry
  • limón= lemon
  • naranja= orange
  • manzana= apple

Use your imagination and adventure to try some Mexican candy with some sorting, categorizing, comparing, contrasting, and tasting activities to go along with it.  Bring in ancient Mexican history with chicle and the chocolate of the Aztecs.

Free Spanish 5 de Mayo Activities

El Cinco de Mayo is almost here!  ¡Viva México!  ¡Viva Juárez!  Who was Juárez?  Benito Juárez was the Zapotec Indian general who lead the Mexican troops to victory.   Celebrate the vital Mexican victory of the Battle of Puebla with Spanish speakers and learners.

Click Cinco de Mayo Activities for a free set of Cinco de Mayo handouts.

Click Cinco de Mayo Vocabulary for a free podcast for Cinco de Mayo.

Learning Spanish in Context- the Gouin Series

The best way to learn and teach Spanish is using context.  Or, presenting or reading and listening to target vocabulary that comes in a simple, understandable situation or process.  This is what the Gouin Series does: it presents Spanish simply and clearly in a sequence of logical sentences.

Examples of a Gouin Series subjects are: getting ready for the day, going to school or work, preparing a meal, playing a sport, going to an event, celebrating a holiday, or taking out the recycling.

Join our Gouin Series club for lots of free learning and teaching tips using the Gouin Series.  Click HERE to check it out and sign up.

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