Spanish Body Parts Podcast

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Two basic podcasts of a few Spanish body parts and some descriptions of animals.

Spanish Body Parts

Body Parts & Animal Description

Visit for more Spanish materials and activities.

Spanish Animals Podcast

Spanish animals podcast.

Spanish Animals

For a wide variety of Spanish materials, visit

Spanish Numbers Podcast: 1-15

Spanish Numbers 1-15.

Spanish Numbers

For more Spanish podcasts and language learning materials, visit

Spanish Colors & Shapes Podcast

Spanish colors, los colores, and Spanish shapes, las formas, are a natural pair.  Here are two free Spanish podcasts.

Los Colores- Spanish Colors

Las Formas – Spanish Shapes

Spanish Greetings – A Basic podcast

Spanish greetings, or unos saludos.

Spanish Greetings

La Familia Spanish Podcast

Nothing is more important than la familia! A simple Spanish Family podcast, Spanish Family or la Familia

Spanish World Cup Nations Vocabulary

The internationalism of la Copa Mundial, or the World Cup Soccer, is always fascinating.  Latin American teams are dominating this Copa, so here are some countries en español. Here is a podcast of world nations in Spanish.

Nations in Spanish

  • Argentina = la Argentina
  • Brazil = Brasil
  • Chile = Chile
  • Spanish = Espaa
  • Mexico =Mxico
  • Paraguay= Paraguay
  • Alemani = Germany
  • Italy = Italia
  • France = Francia
  • England = Inglaterra
  • Denmark = Dinamarca
  • Portugal = Portugal
  • Serbia = Serbia
  • Slovakia = Eslovaquía
  • Japan = Japón

Spanish World Cup Vocabulary

www.foreignlanguagehouse.comZakumi el Leopardo- La Copa Mundial 2010

The World Cup Soccer Tournament, or La Copa Mundial, is almost here!  Beginning on June 11, or el once de junio, the most exciting and most-viewed sporting event in the world takes place in South Africa, or Sudáfrica.  The excitement of La Mundial 2010 is impossible to describe.  La Mundial inspires national patriotism in Spanish-speaking countries like nothing else.  Check out the glorious Spanish language site (

Spanish World Cup Vocabulary

  • el equipo= the team
  • el jugador= the player
  • el estadio= the stadium
  • el campo= the field
  • el balón= the ball
  • los espectadores= the spectators
  • jugar= to play
  • lanzar, and patear= to kick
  • bloquear= to block
  • cabecear= to head (the ball)
  • correr= to run
  • ganar= to win
  • perder= to lose

Use a web-quest, or internet scavenger hunt, to make your way through the FIFA site. Soccer picture flashcards and games really score goals too.

Free Spanish 5 de Mayo Activities

El Cinco de Mayo is almost here!  ¡Viva México!  ¡Viva Juárez!  Who was Juárez?  Benito Juárez was the Zapotec Indian general who lead the Mexican troops to victory.   Celebrate the vital Mexican victory of the Battle of Puebla with Spanish speakers and learners.

Click Cinco de Mayo Activities for a free set of Cinco de Mayo handouts.

Click Cinco de Mayo Vocabulary for a free podcast for Cinco de Mayo.

Free Spanish Earth Day Vocabulary Podcast

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Earth DAY in Spanish is el Día de la Tierra. Teach, review, or practice relevant, current vocabulary with numbers, shapes, and colors, and even letters with the three R’s of Earth Day: Reducir, Reutilizar, Reciclar.

El Día de la Tierra

Learners can describe plastic and glass bottle, boxes, magazines, and newspapers in Spanish, and then they can sort them into the categories of plástico (plastic), vidrio (glass), and papel (paper). They can go home and count the recycling items there, categorize them, and report on the numbers!

Free Spanish Earth Day Vocabulary

  • El Día de la Tierra= Earth Day
  • el 22 de abril= Aprill 22
  • the environment= el medio ambiente
  • biodegradable= biodegradable
  • renewable energy= la energia renovable
  • to reduce= reducir
  • to reuse= reutilizar
  • to recycle= reciclar

It’s vital that we all do something to save the earth, salvar la tierra, this Earth Day.

Click here for a  Spanish Earth Day Lesson: A Gouin Series

Click here for Spanish Día de la Tierra songs

Click here for Spanish Earth Day Vocabulary Matching Sheet

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