Spanish Thanksgiving Activities for all Ages

Feliz Día de la Acción de Gracias

Feliz Día de la Acción de Gracias

Looking for some fun Thanksgiving activities in Spanish? If you’re looking for a collection of Spanish Thanksgiving activities that you can pick and choose from, or a short unit, be sure to check out our Thanksgiving units and activity guides at Foreign Language House. We strive to provide creative, fun, & context-rich materials that are convenient, and affordable for all ages.

Our units, lessons & activities are based on an enagaging story. As foreign language education research & our classroom experience shows, the framework of a story makes language memorable & appealing to all learners.  Story is the defining component of Foreign Language House materials.

If you’re a parent or an adult interested in introducing children to Spanish, there are also materials for you. This holiday we’ve provided units for every age and most Spanish language levels. See the list and selections below:


  • Thanksgiving Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe Games & Activities
  • PreK to Grade 2 Story, Activities, Songs, & Coloring Sheets
  • Grade 3 to Grade 6 Activities, Songs, Writing Activities & Coloring Sheets
  • Grade 7 to Grade 12 More Advanced Story, Visuals, Vocabulary & Verb Activities, & Writing Activities


One Response to “Spanish Thanksgiving Activities for all Ages”

  1. rachael on November 26th, 2008 5:33 am

    You have some really cute ideas. Thank you so much. I am looking for ideas because I am starting to teach my preschoolers spanish and the kids love it. I am so happy…but I want to keep them interested.

    We started with a bilingual book that was given to us as a gift. The kids love the book and use the words they learn. It is really fun. The book is “Tim and Kim” by Kay Linda Nord. The author, Nord, placed both english and spanish (mexican spanish). I was able to find this site;

    Thanks again for all these fun games!

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