Spanish Activities for Black History Month: the Caribbean

February 25, 2009 · Posted in Hispanic Culture, Middle School Spanish, Spanish Vocabulary, Travel 

Such a significant part of the world’s Spanish speaking population has African heritage.  Spanish is the first language of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. All three islands have strong cultural ties to Africa that came to the islands with African slaves brought by the Spaniards as early as the 1600′s.

Island Geography to teach Language

Spanish is learned best in a clear context, or background.  Geography is ideal because it is so visual and concrete.  Here are some of the Spanish components that can be learned:

  • higher numbers: demographic, population, & physical geography figures
  • directions: el norte, el sur, el este, el oeste
  • ecosystems: la selva (the jungle), las montañas, la playa (the beach), los valles (the valleys)
  • weather: el tiempo, hace calor (it’s hot), llueve (it rains), it’s sunny (hace sol)
  • descriptions: grande, peque
  • comparisons
  • water sports

So many possibilities!  Click here to see a Spanish Geography Unit: Cuba, La República Dominicana, y Puerto Rico


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  1. Ms. Vasquez on February 12th, 2012 11:08 pm

    please sendvsanish black history month activities/lesson plans. thank you.

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