Spanish Earth Day Vocabulary- El Día de la Tierra

Earth day is almost here, and it is also celebrated in the Spanish speaking world as el Día de la Tierra. What a great opportunity to teach, review, or practice relevant, current vocabulary with numbers, shapes, and colors, and even letters with the three R’s of Earth Day

El Día de la Tierra

El Día de la Tierra


Learners can describe plastic and glass bottle, boxes, magazines, and newspapers in Spanish, and then they can sort them into the categories of plástico (plastic), vidrio (glass), and papel (paper). They can go home and count the recycling items there, categorize them, and report on the numbers in class!

Free Spanish Earth Day Vocabulary

  • El Día de la Tierra= Earth Day
  • el 22 de abril= Aprill 22
  • the environment= el medio ambiente
  • biodegradable= biodegradable
  • renewable energy= la energia renovable
  • to reduce= reducir
  • to reuse= reutilizar
  • to recycle= reciclar

It’s vital that we all do something to save the earth, salvar la tierra, this Earth Day.

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