Spanish Fruit Lesson: Beginners & Young Learners

Fruit, or la fruta, is so much fun!  The colors, tastes, & textures make la fruta a hit for Spanish learners.  You can cover so much descriptive ground: colors, shapes, sizes, preferences, comparisons, verbs, & prepositions  in Spanish.  Be sure to use it: the real thing, or plastic fruit which adds its own funny feel.

La Fruta Song

**to the tune of the song  “I Want Candy”

Me gusta fruta
1, 2, 3, ¡Che!
Me gusta fruta
4, 5, 6, ¡Che!

Manzana, naranja, fresas y pera
Che, che che
Banana, sandía, uvas, limón
Che, che che

Me gusta fruta
1, 2, 3, Che
Me gusta fruta
4, 5, 6,  (shout your favorite fruit.  Grita tu fruta favorita)

English Translation
I like fruit
1, 2, 3, Che!
I like fruit
4, 5, 6, Che!

Apple, orange, strawberries, pear
Che, che, che, che
Banana, watermelon, grapes, lemon
Che, che, che, che

I like fruit
1, 2, 3, Che
I like fruit
4, 5, 6,  (shout your favorite fruit)

La Fruta Lesson

Language Outcome Goals: For older students or those who have had some Spanish all of the above are realistic.  For the younger and the beginning set, start with Spanish colors, and/or shapes and sizes.  Always use an everyday conversation question: ¿Te gusta la fruta? (Do you like the fruit?),  ¿Comes la fruta mucho? (Do you eat the fruit much?)


  • Fruit, or plastic fruit.  Picture flashcards with the fruit and the Spanish vocabulary
  • Context: You’ve got to create or provide the surrounding Spanish language that brings the fruit vocabulary to life.  A brief story including the target vocabulary with lots of pictures and gestures, a puppet dialogue including the same, and Action or Guoin series, a recipe for fruit salad or fruit smoothies, a beginner’s reading on fruit in Latin America, etc.
  • Song or chant with fruit:  Chants for older students.  They still love them.  Songs are always great.
  • Activities! Ask students to choose, point to, touch, and put, escoge, señala, toca, pon. Endless possibilities¡
  • Language task for learners: A conversational question and answer based on the fruit that all learners use and practice a lot.


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