Spanish Summer Heat Phrases & Vocabulary

Hace mucho sol y hace calor

On here on the border of Texas and Mexico, New Mexico too for that matter, it is hot, or hace mucho calor. The heat, el calor, is all that everyone talks about.  Use some Spanish weather phrases and vocabulary while they are truly relevant. This is when you eat jícama sprinkled with chili powder and lime juice instead of chiles rellenos.

Jícama is a potatoe like root vegetable  from Mexico, but I somehow view it as more of a fruit.  You have to peel it, then dice it and sprinkle it with the lime juice and chili powder.  See the next blog post for a jícama, coconut, and mango salad my friend Alicia just told me bout.

Vocabulary & Phrases

  • hace calor- it’s hot (now)
  • está caliente- it’s hot (general description)
  • hace much sol= it’s really sunny
  • El sol quema- the sun is burning
  • está soleado- it’s sunny (general description)
  • está como un horno= it’s live an oven
  • se puede freir juevos en la calle- one can fry eggs on the street

When someone asks ¿Qué tiempo hace?,  or ¿Cómo est el tiempo? you now have a more varied list of responses for the summer, or el verano, only.  Click here for a Spanish Weather Forecast Activity.

Practice Activities

  • Try using the questions and the varied answers with a friend or class mate
  • Have one partner state the answer, and then the other needs to ask the question
  • Make a flash card for each weather question and phrase.  Play guessing and match up games with them.
  • Illustrated the weather description cards and then try to say its Spanish phrase
  • Go to to the Spanish language part of the site to check out weather phrases
  • Listen to a Spanish language weather forecast on TV and try to follow it.


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