Teaching Spanish with Music- All Kinds

Music, or la música, can be the best part of learning to speak Spanish!  Hispanic music is just so fantastic because there are so many types of it; there truly is something for everyone.  Try a free sampling of Latino music on pandora.com, a free radio streaming site.  Itunes is always a great place to start searching for Latino music and artists.

My personal favorites, mis favoritos son . . .

Putumayo Anthologies- Latino Contemporary and Latino Children’s Traditional Music the best in cultural exposure.  You get different Hispanic cultures, stories, and music in the many thematic anthologies.

Luis Orozco traditional acoustic guitar children’s songs

Juanes- One of the biggest names in Latino Pop.  From Columbia

Alejandro Sanz

Camarón de la Isla– one of Spain’s modern, flamenco greats

Musica can really be everything.  Geography, culture, people, history, art, and literature can be taught along with it, as it should be.  Listening skills also zoom the more a learner listens to native Spanish music.  So, enjoy.  Disfrútalo.


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