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It’s almost here, la aperatura de las clases, or the opening of school!  New or recycled school supplies, or unos materiales escolares, are on eveybody’s mind.

Hispanic Country Cultural Note

Spanish speaking countries have big-box stores that sell school supplies, but there still remains the small office supply or school supply store, la papelería.  Many people head there to get the following:

  • unos lápices= some pencils
  • unos bolígrafos= some pens
  • un bloc de papel= a packet of paper
  • unas carpetas= some binders
  • unos cuadernos= some workbooks
  • unas gomas= some erasers
  • unos marcadores= some markers

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La Familia Spanish Podcast

Nothing is more important than la familia! A simple Spanish Family podcast, Spanish Family or la Familia

Free Spanish 5 de Mayo Activities

El Cinco de Mayo is almost here!  ¡Viva México!  ¡Viva Juárez!  Who was Juárez?  Benito Juárez was the Zapotec Indian general who lead the Mexican troops to victory.   Celebrate the vital Mexican victory of the Battle of Puebla with Spanish speakers and learners.

Click Cinco de Mayo Activities for a free set of Cinco de Mayo handouts.

Click Cinco de Mayo Vocabulary for a free podcast for Cinco de Mayo.

Free Spanish Printables & Materials

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Catherine- Sra. 14

Spanish April Fool’s Fun

April Fool’s Day in Spanish?  Sure, there is fun to be had. But the true Fool’s Day in the Hispanic world is December 28th, el Día de los Inocentes.  So bring el Día de los Inocentes into April and have some fun!

Fool’s Day Spanish Vocabulary

  • bromar= to joke
  • la broma= the joke
  • el chiste= the joke
  • engañar= to fool
  • el engañado= the fooled one
  • prestar= to lend
  • devolver= to return an object

History & Culture

El Día de los Inocentes, or Day of the Innocents, commemorates the biblical tragedy of the massacre of male infants ordered by King Herod. Hispanic culture has interpreted the tragedy in a way to make it less so.  Los Inocentes became those fooled by pranksters.

In another specific practice, lending- prestar- and returning- devolver have become central to pranks in Mexico. If you lend something out in Mexico, you may not get it back for a while.  If you do, you’ll get a traditional note with candies and treats. In Spain media hoaxes take place on December 28th.

Click Spanish Fool’s Day Freebie for your free printable handout.

Practical Applications

Practice your Spanish with lending and returning activities!  Bring in some fun with candy and treats upon returning borrowed items.  For Fool’s Day activities, click here.

Spanish Basketball Vocabulary: The Final Four is almost Here!

It’s basketball, or básquetbol, season.  The Final Four tournament is coming up, so lets talk about básquetbol en español.  Included in todays post: 1. Spanish básquetbol vocabulary, 2.  a podcast of the vocabulary 3. A Spanish conversational question and answer on básquetbol.  4.  a brief writing activity.


  • basketball= básquetbol or el baloncesto
  • the hoop or rim= el cesto or la canasta
  • the ball= el balón
  • the court= la pista or la cancha
  • the player= el jugador, or la jugadora (feminine)
  • driblar= to dribble
  • pasar= to pass
  • lanzar= to throw or shoot
  • atrapar= to catch

Podcast of Spanish Vocabulary.  CLICK Spanish Basketball Vocabulary Podcast

Conversational Questions and Answer

Do you play basketball = ¿Juegas al básquetbol?

Yes,  I play basketball or No, I don’t play basketball.= Sí, juego al básquetbol.  or No, no juegas al básquetbol.

WRITING ACTIVITY= CLICK básquetbol writing activity

Click here for a more in depth Spanish basketball lesson.

Spanish St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary & Podcast

The Luck of the Irish is upon us soon!  St. Patrick’s Day, or el Día de San Patricio, is fun and festive en español. Here is some vocabulary & a podcast so that you can hear it all:

St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary

  • Verde= green
  • El trebol= shamrock
  • el diecisiete de marzo= March 17
  • El duende= the leprechaun
  • el arco iris= the rainbow
  • la olla de oro= the pot of gold
  • luck= suerte

Click Spanish St Patrick’s Day Vocabulary to listen.

    Conversational Uses

    ¿Qué día es el día de San Patricio? Es el diecisiete de marzo.

    What day is St. Patrick’s Day?  It is the seventeenth of March

    ¡Qué tenga suerte!= Good Luck

    Visit our products page at for St. Patrick’s Day Spanish activities.

    It’s Oscar time in Spanish

    The excitement and oohing and ahhing of the Academy Awards is here.  Spanish learners need current, relevant topics like the Oscars to use Spanish in Every Day Spanish.  The word BEST is used so much during the Oscars, why not practice MEJOR in Spanish?

    Remember that mejor means best for the singular, and mejores is used for the plural.

    Here is some Academy Awards Spanish Vocabulary for the Oscars

    • el mejor actor= best actor
    • el mejor actor secundario= best supporting actor
    • la mejor actriz= best actriz
    • la mejor actriz secundaria= best actrice
    • la mejor película= best movie
    • el mejor guión= the best screenplay

    Click HERE for a Spanish Academy Awards 2010 set of activities.

    Spanish Every Day Phrases

    January 22, 2010 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, Spanish Vocabulary · Comment 

    Wish you an/or you and your students could just start using and speaking Spanish immediately? You can and you will if you use what are called FUNCTIONAL CHUNKS OF THE LANGUAGE.  Present, learn, or practice functional chunks of practical Spanish without going into all of the tricky grammatical detail.  Just dive in and Just Do It  ¡Hazlo!

    Every Day Spanish Phrases

    • ¿Me puede ayudar?= Can you help me?
    • Dónde está = Where is . . . ?
    • No comprendo= I don’t understand
    • Dígame otra vez= Tell me again

    Click Here For More.

    Spanish Martin Luther King Day Vocabulary & Activities

    Martin Luther King Day, el 18 de enero, will soon be here.  Celebrating such a great man and all that he fought for is a great way to introduce or talk about the more important aspects of life.

    Spanish MLK JR Vocabulary

    • liberty- la libertad
    • equality- la igualdad
    • peace- la paz
    • I have a dream- Tengo un sueño
    • discrimiation- la discriminación
    • segregation- la segregación

    Click below for some simple, practical handouts full of Martin Luther King Jr. Activities

    Martin Luther King Jr. Vocabulary and Basic Reading

    Martin Luther King Jr.  Time Line

    Martin Luther King Jr. Spanish Vocabulary and Mini-Projects

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