Free Spanish 5 de Mayo Activities

El Cinco de Mayo is almost here!  ¡Viva México!  ¡Viva Juárez!  Who was Juárez?  Benito Juárez was the Zapotec Indian general who lead the Mexican troops to victory.   Celebrate the vital Mexican victory of the Battle of Puebla with Spanish speakers and learners.

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Cinco De Mayo for Spanish Learners

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La Bandera de México

La Bandera de México


¿Cuándo es el cinco de mayo?

Es el martes en 2009.

Most people who do not live in or near Mexico think that cinco de mayo is Mexican Indpendence Day. Well, it’s not- no lo es.  Cinco de mayo commemorates a unique and inspiring even in late 19 century Mexican history.  It’s more about what cinco de mayo represents that anything else: unity and patriotism.

Cinco de Mayo: the Battle of Puebla

On May 5th, 1862 The Mexican army under General Zaragosa was faced with the well trained, tricked out French troops sent to  support the current rulers of Mexico.  They were King Maximilian and his wife Queen Carlota who were puppets of France’s Napoleaon III.  Napolean III was sure of a victory which would make Mexico essentially dependent on France, almost as a colony.

The Mexican army thought fast. Mexico’s horsemen and cavalry were superb, and they knew the terrain in Puebla, Mexico beyond well.  When the French ordered their troops to chase Mexican Colonel Diaz’s cavalry, they sent their soldiers to their death.  Mexico out-rode, our chased, and out faught the French to win the Battle of Puebla, or la Battalla de Puebla.

Unity & Patriotism

Cinco de Mayo honors the victory of the Mexican army over the most elite army of Europe, the French.  The unity of the many indigenous groups and the energy of the young country came to vanquish the establishment French.  It’s a day for celebrating Mexican culture, the diversity of Mexico’s native peoples, and the drive of the Mexican army.

Teaching & Learning Ideas & Activities

A national holiday is the best way to bring several aspects of Spanish into the learning experience: language, culture (food, music, art) and one of our favorites, geography. So many tangential units can come form Cinco de Mayo: the history of Mexico, the French in Mexico, French cultural influences there, and most importantly the vast indigenous cultures of Mexico.

For a lesson for Spanish Students Click Here.

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