Spanish Basketball Vocabulary: The Final Four is almost Here!

It’s basketball, or básquetbol, season.  The Final Four tournament is coming up, so lets talk about básquetbol en español.  Included in todays post: 1. Spanish básquetbol vocabulary, 2.  a podcast of the vocabulary 3. A Spanish conversational question and answer on básquetbol.  4.  a brief writing activity.


  • basketball= básquetbol or el baloncesto
  • the hoop or rim= el cesto or la canasta
  • the ball= el balón
  • the court= la pista or la cancha
  • the player= el jugador, or la jugadora (feminine)
  • driblar= to dribble
  • pasar= to pass
  • lanzar= to throw or shoot
  • atrapar= to catch

Podcast of Spanish Vocabulary.  CLICK Spanish Basketball Vocabulary Podcast

Conversational Questions and Answer

Do you play basketball = ¿Juegas al básquetbol?

Yes,  I play basketball or No, I don’t play basketball.= Sí, juego al básquetbol.  or No, no juegas al básquetbol.

WRITING ACTIVITY= CLICK básquetbol writing activity

Click here for a more in depth Spanish basketball lesson.

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