Mexico Internet Research Project

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Mexico Research on the Internet

Sometimes just diving in to Spanish and sifting through it teaches you best. Reading in Spanish on the Spanish language Internet is a vital skill, and like anything else, the more you do it the better you get at it.

Print out this handout on Mexico. Mexico Internet Research Points.   You then need to change the language preferences on Google to include español. Search for each topic and write down what you have found in SPANISH.

Now, here is a quiz or basic assessmentÑ  Mexico Internet Research Questions . Students formulated their own Spanish questions based on the Research Project. Formulating and asking QUESTIONS is a vital skill.

Instant Handouts, Power Points, Materials!

Need Spanish materials immediately?  Buy a Key to the House membership at You can browse, choose, and instantly download any digital document or power point on the site.  Straight to your own hard-drive, and you have it forever!

You can always re-download them if you need them again too.

Spanish Oscar Activities

It’s Academy Award time!  Spanish students, especially the tween and teen set, love talking about the Oscars. Be ready for Los Premios Oscar 2011 with These Activities. Students also have practice using the superlative, mejor, or the best.

Spanish Oscar Vocabulary

  • la película – the film
  • el actor- the actor
  • la actriz – the actress
  • el director- the director
  • la película documental- the documentary
  • la película animada – the animated film

El Día de San Valentín-Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish

It’s coming up- el 14 de febrero.  Here are a couple of ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish:

Feliz Día de San Valentin

Feliz Día de Amor y Amistad  (Love and Friendship)

And, get your free Spanish, printable valentines HERE.

High School Spanish Video Project

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Spanish Class Now: Student Videos

Calling all high school teachers or anybody who works with tweens and teens in Spanish.  Here is an organized Video Project Handout that you can customize to your students’ texts, content, and units.

I find that students needs explicit detail, especially when they go nuts over making a video. Think and implement CONTROL, ORGANIZATION, MINUTE TO MINUTE MANAGEMENT.  The video projects require us all to be way on top of our game.


Spanish Super Bowl Vocabulary & Activities

January 15, 2011 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, SPANISH CLASS NOW, Spanish Vocabulary · Comment 

It’s almost here!  Check out the free Spanish football and Super Bowl Activities below.

Free Super Bowl Vocabulary and Activities

Free Spanish Reading Report Project

January 5, 2011 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, SPANISH CLASS NOW · Comment 

It’s time for students to show you what they know about what they have read.  In my case, Spanish II has finished the controlled novellete Viva el Toro by Blain Ray.  So, they are going to create and write a BOOK COVER in either electronic or hard copy form. I tell them to WOW me since I will be reading tons of them all on the same book . . . . that I’ve read 100 times.

Free Reading Project Report.

Spanish Books on Sale!

Check out the gorgeous Spanish books on sale at Barefoot Books.  I use all of them to teach students of all ages.  The art work is outstanding and the cultural and geographical ties in each book are awesome.  Some even have the Spanish CDs that go with the book.  And, please include our code 000-0gv7.

Spanish Mid Term & Final Exam Review

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OK profesores, mid-terms or final exams await us only a few days or a couple of weeks after January 2011 classes re-convene. Are you ready? Check out Finale Exam Finale, a comprehensive collection of review activities for all proficiency levels.

I find it hard to get inspired and amped-up for the end of a course when I feel like I’m just re-booting after the New Year. If I don’t plan a variety of activities before January, I just don’t do it at all. Here are some tips:

  • Use a few class favorites: games
  • Ensure that all four communication skills are reviewed: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Fill each Review Class with a variety of activities and games with clear time allotments
  • Keep students accountable with end of class mini-quizzes

Free Gracias or Thank You’s for the Holidays

December 19, 2010 · Posted in spanish holiday activities · Comment 

We’re diving in to the holidays, or las Navidades, and you’ll need to know how to say thank you, give thanks, and write thank you notes in Spanish.

  • Gracias- thanks
  • muchas gracias= thak you very much
  • te agradezco el regalo – I’m grateful for the gift

Here are some simple,  free Spanish thank you notes. For children, or anyone really, the illustrations can be colored.

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