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Free Spanish Thanksgiving Activities

Today is the last day you can get the free Spanish Thanksgiving Activities: games, readings, chants, vocabulary and more from

The sign up is to the right.  So go for it before  they go on sale tomorrow, November 25th.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a great time to practice Spanish foods, family, and even setting the table.  La comida, la familia, y poner la mesa.

Practicing preferences or what you like and don’t like is perfect too: ME GUSTA OR NO ME GUSTA.  See the Thanksgving freebies from Foreign Language House to get all of this.  Qué tenga un feliz día de la acción de gracias.

Spanish Back to School Name Games

August 24, 2009 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, spanish speaking activities · 1 Comment 

Spanish classes have started or are starting and it’s time to start using Spanish names.  Why?  Names or nombres are the best for:

  • Pronunciation practice
  • Learning the sounds of Spanish letters & vowels
  • Learning the Spanish Alphabet

Use the famous Spanish rhyme: A E I O U.  El burro sabe más que tú.

Name Activity:

Goals: Get students or speakers to pronounce Spanish names correctly, recognize and use Spanish letters and vowels.

Supplies: light colored construction paper, markers, pencils, & crayons, handout of Spanish alphabet

Instructional Materials: Spanish alphabet handout, textbook, or website


  1. Fold regular-sized  construction paper in half & then cut
  2. Fold the two halves horizontally to create 2 name plaques with the seam up
  3. Pass out a name plaque to each student
  4. Students are to write their own names or chosen Spanish names on their plaque using pencil (seam up)
  5. Students then use markers or crayons to decorate their name
  6. Now a variety of conversation name activities can be used: Cómo te llamas circulating activities, name chants, or spelling bee types of spelling out loud in Spanish contests.

Spanish Earth Day Activity: Recycling & Sorting

The great thing about teaching & learning Spanish is that a holiday or an important celebration can be used for so many different activities, and for several days before and after it passes. So, Earth Day, el Día de la Tierra, has more in store. Here is a hands-on Spanish Earth Day activity.

Recycling & Sorting Spanish Activity: Hands-

Recycling materials- plastic bottles, newspapers, magazines, boxes, glass bottles. Have one or two big tote bags full of it all.
Basic signs: PLASTICO, PAPEL, CARTON, VIDRIO. (plastic, paper, cardboard, glass)
Watch that can time students in seconds

Spanish Recycling Chant- Use your own beat and hand claps.  Students come up with the best beats!

  • Plástico, papel, cartón, y vidrio
  • Plástico, papel, cartón, y vidrio
  • Yo reciclo, yo conservo

1. Teach the recycling categories in Spanish, PLASTICO, PAPEL, CARTON, VIDRIO, using the recycling materials & the chant above.
2. Split students in to groups, and assign each group a pile or recyclable materials.
3. LANGUAGE TASK: Students are to sort the materials while they are timed. They are then to COUNT THE MATERIALS IN SPANISH & REPORT HOW MANY ARE IN EACH CATEGORY IN SPANISH.
4. The group that does the task completely in Spanish and the fastest wins.

**There are so many derivative activities: describing a material with color and shape, sorting and counting, home practice with counting and describing recycling materials at home, creating Spanish recycling fliers and mini-posters.

**See tomorrow post using an Earth Day Action Series: a sequence of short sentences using the same verb conjugation.

Free Spanish Worksheets for this Holiday Season

Here they are!  Download and enjoy three free Spanish holiday worksheets on Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Nativity Story.  Excellent images, great content, and easy and fun activities for learning Spanish.  Enjoy Foreign Language House’s holiday gift to you this year.  Just click here.

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