Spanish April Weather- Free Podcast Lesson

Hace buen tiempo.  Está soleado.

Hace buen tiempo. Hace sol. Está soleado.

1. Listening: Listen to the Spanish Weather Phrases SPANISH PODCAST and the Spanish Warm Weather Song at least twice.

2. Speaking.   Play the podcast again.  Say each Spanish weather after it is said on the recording.  Do this twice.

3.  Read the weather phrases below. Most textbooks teach the HACE weather phrases:

  • hace buen tiempo- the weather is nice
  • hace mal tiempo- the weather is bad
  • hace calor- it it hot
  • hace sol- it is sunny
  • está nublado- it’s cloudy
  • hace frío- it is cold
  • está lloviendo- it’s raining

Many native speakers and the media use the ESTA weather phrases: está caliente= it is hot or está frío= it is cold

4.  Writing. Use index cards or pieces of paper to create one flash-card per Spanish weather. Draw a picture of each weather on one side of the flas-hcard, then write the Spanish weather on the back of it.  You can use your own Spanish picture flash-cards for all sorts of practice and games.

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