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For learning Spanish and French, Diane and I find that most teachers & parents we work with want to know how to play the several card games we use.  We use a set of picture vocabulary cards, phrases, questions, or even verb conjugations to play a variety of card games.  A favorite is the raucous 1, 2. 3, Uno, Dos, Tres based on the American card game “war.”

Materials: a set of 4-8 flashcards: pictures, phrases, questions, or other Spanish. NO ENGLISH.

Spanish Language Goal: Learners can recognize, recall, and say- loudly- the Spanish called for on the card.

Step by Steps

  1. Learners are grouped into groups of 3 4, or maybe 5.
  2. Each person has his/her own set of cards.  All card sets are identical.
  3. The Object is to lose all cards
  4. The teacher, or the group members, call out: Uno, Dos, Tres!
  5. Each player puts down a card face up.
  6. If two or more players in a group have matching cards, then the race to shout the Spanish vocabulary is one.  Learners vie to be the first Spanish shouter or the correct answer.
  7. The first player to shout the correct Spanish elicited by the card is the winner.
  8. The winner puts his card in a discard pile.

Lots of shouting in Spanish . . .but, learners are indeed speaking the language.  Want more Spanish Games?

Spanish Games: Cards

I just came back from giving a workshop at the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, FLANC, in Raleigh, NC and it is always fantastic to meet other teachers and learn about the magic they create in classrooms.

My colleague Diane & I noticed that several people were interested in the Spanish games we presented using pictures cards, vocabulary, phrases, or questions.  Here is a student favorite, PEGALO. It’s rowdy and loud, the learners will be speaking lots of Spanish.

Materials: sets of identical flaschards, students

Spanish Usage goal: Student recognize, recall, and say the necessary Spanish required by the flashccards


  1. Decide on typed of groups: full class or groups of 4-5 students.
  2. Each group has only 1 set of the flashcards
  3. Place the flashcards with the picture, phrase, or question face up in the center of the group of student
  4. Decide on whom the caller will be: Teacher, or a group member
  5. The caller calls out the Spanish vocabulary or the phrase or question.
  6. The students in the group race each other to try to hit the correct card first.
  7. The first hitter wins the round and takes the card.
  8. The player with the most cards is the winner.

Here are some more fun Spanish games:  Games.

Spanish Game: Prepositions & the Pool

Practice those Spanish prepositions, location words, with the pool!  Use basic Spanish prepositions and a picture of a swimming pool to play a great game full of repetition, but fun.

Goal: Learn Spanish prepositions well enough to recall and say or write them.

Materials: 1.  a list of basic Spanish prepositions.  See previous post on this site.  2.  index cards: one Spanish preposition per card.  Enough cards for entire group of students necessary; repeats are fine. 3.  a picture of a bright blue swimming pool on an 81/2″” by 11” piece of paper (Use plenty of Spanish to describe this.)  4.  Spanish prepositions song.  See previous post


  1. Practice saying, chanting, & singing the Spanish prepositions to the chant and song
  2. Pass out 1 Spanish preposition card to each student
  3. Place the swimming pool picture, la piscina, in the middle of the circle of players, en el centro.
  4. Teacher counts- uno, dos, tres.  Then all players reveal their card.  The teacher chooses the first player to say the Spanish preposition on the card, demonstrate it with la piscina, or even say a Spanish sentence with the preposition & the pool.  This player chooses the next player, and so on.
  5. Players all switch cards.

Once you have a class set of cards, the possibilities for card games are endless.  Use your own ideas, experience, and creativity to come up with even more.  Charades are fun and all sorts of races are exciting too.

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