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Free Spanish Worksheets: Thanksgiving Story & Activities

FREE SPANISH WORKSHEETS! Now you can get a few free Spanish worksheets based on Thanksgiving from Foreign Language House.  The worksheets are a sampling of the three separate Spanish Thanksgiving units:

  • PreK- Grade 2
  • Grade 3-6
  • Grade 7-12

Click on Foreign Language House to get your free, downloadable worksheets

Learning Spanish: Practical Survival Phrases

What do you absolutely need to know how to say in Spanish to get by?  Or to survive?  The basics that have to do with your needs are most important at first.  It’s best in the beginning to just memorize the Spanish Survival phrases, or frases útiles y necesarios, with their English meanings.  Then you’ll be using functional chunks of Spanish now.

The Survival Phrases

So what’s important to you?  Here are a couple of vital phrases.  See the handout for many more, and activities to help you learn them too.

Can I go to the bathroom?  ¿ Puedo ir al baño?

Can I get some water?     Puedo tomar agua?

How do you say . .  in Spanish?      Cómo se dice . . en español?

Spanish Survival Phrases-pdf1

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