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Mexico Research on the Internet

Sometimes just diving in to Spanish and sifting through it teaches you best. Reading in Spanish on the Spanish language Internet is a vital skill, and like anything else, the more you do it the better you get at it.

Print out this handout on Mexico. Mexico Internet Research Points.   You then need to change the language preferences on Google to include español. Search for each topic and write down what you have found in SPANISH.

Now, here is a quiz or basic assessmentÑ  Mexico Internet Research Questions . Students formulated their own Spanish questions based on the Research Project. Formulating and asking QUESTIONS is a vital skill.

Spanish Colors & Shapes Podcast

Spanish colors, los colores, and Spanish shapes, las formas, are a natural pair.  Here are two free Spanish podcasts.

Los Colores- Spanish Colors

Las Formas – Spanish Shapes

Spanish Greetings – A Basic podcast

Spanish greetings, or unos saludos.

Spanish Greetings

Spanish Basketball Vocabulary: The Final Four is almost Here!

It’s basketball, or básquetbol, season.  The Final Four tournament is coming up, so lets talk about básquetbol en español.  Included in todays post: 1. Spanish básquetbol vocabulary, 2.  a podcast of the vocabulary 3. A Spanish conversational question and answer on básquetbol.  4.  a brief writing activity.


  • basketball= básquetbol or el baloncesto
  • the hoop or rim= el cesto or la canasta
  • the ball= el balón
  • the court= la pista or la cancha
  • the player= el jugador, or la jugadora (feminine)
  • driblar= to dribble
  • pasar= to pass
  • lanzar= to throw or shoot
  • atrapar= to catch

Podcast of Spanish Vocabulary.  CLICK Spanish Basketball Vocabulary Podcast

Conversational Questions and Answer

Do you play basketball = ¿Juegas al básquetbol?

Yes,  I play basketball or No, I don’t play basketball.= Sí, juego al básquetbol.  or No, no juegas al básquetbol.

WRITING ACTIVITY= CLICK básquetbol writing activity

Click here for a more in depth Spanish basketball lesson.

Learn Spanish Body Parts & Celebrate a Fall Festival

El espantapájaros

El espantapájaros

For those who don’t participate in Halloween, Fall Festival activities are just as much fun, or moreso.  Learn about the face parts in Spanish with a friendly jack o lantern, or una calabaza or una linterna. Label body parts on a scarecrow, or un espantapájaros.

Face Vocabulary- las partes de la cara

  • los ojos- the eyes
  • la nariz- the nose
  • la boca- the mouth
  • the smile- la sonrisa

Basic Body Parts- las partes del cuerpo

  • la cabeza- the head
  • the neck- el cuelllo
  • the shoulders- los hombros
  • the stomach- el estómago
  • the chest-el pecho
  • the arms- los brazos
  • the hands- los manos
  • the knees- las rodillas
  • the legs- las piernas
  • the feet- los pies

Have fun with a collection of fall festival activities and learn your Spanish body parts¡

Spanish Games: Cards

I just came back from giving a workshop at the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, FLANC, in Raleigh, NC and it is always fantastic to meet other teachers and learn about the magic they create in classrooms.

My colleague Diane & I noticed that several people were interested in the Spanish games we presented using pictures cards, vocabulary, phrases, or questions.  Here is a student favorite, PEGALO. It’s rowdy and loud, the learners will be speaking lots of Spanish.

Materials: sets of identical flaschards, students

Spanish Usage goal: Student recognize, recall, and say the necessary Spanish required by the flashccards


  1. Decide on typed of groups: full class or groups of 4-5 students.
  2. Each group has only 1 set of the flashcards
  3. Place the flashcards with the picture, phrase, or question face up in the center of the group of student
  4. Decide on whom the caller will be: Teacher, or a group member
  5. The caller calls out the Spanish vocabulary or the phrase or question.
  6. The students in the group race each other to try to hit the correct card first.
  7. The first hitter wins the round and takes the card.
  8. The player with the most cards is the winner.

Here are some more fun Spanish games:  Games.

Spanish Professions & Labor Day

Labor Day always makes me think about work, or el trabajo, or professions, las profesiones. As my yoga teacher told us, work brings us dignity.  This is especially meaningful when we consider that most of the world doesn’t have professional, regular, or meaningful work.

So, I  have always been grateful to be a teacher, or maestra. I  want to keep teaching  people more: Spanish, life lessons, travel experiences, helpful hints, and then gratitude.

So—here are some useful, everyday Spanish vocabulary and expressions for the world of work.

Las profesiones

Un professor(a)- secondary teacher or professor

Un maestro(a)- an elemtary teacher

Un ingeniero(a)- an engineer

Un artista- an artist

Un deseñador- a designer

Un contador(a)- an accountant

Un abogado(a)- a lawyer

Un arquitecto(a)- an architect

Un médico(a)- a physician

Una enfermera- a nurse

Un banquero- a banker

Un financiero- a financial business man or backer

Many times native speakers will describe a woman as a médica, maestra, or a contadora.  But,  I’ve had some Latina friends and colleagues who call themselves by the masculine profession, as in Yo soy arquitecto. Spanish, like all languages, has plenty of rule-benders.

Conversational Q & A

¿Qué eres tu? What are you?

Yo soy . . . artista. I’m an artist.

¿De qué profesión eres? Of which profession are you?

Yo soy contadora. I’m an accountant.

¿Trabajas en que profesión? In which profession do you work?

Yo soy banquero. Or Yo trabajo en la industria de . . . .

**You don’t need an el, la, un, or una before the profession. Another rule.

Professions Q and A’s are fun to use with photos of professions as prompts, and in circulating activities or mini-dialogues.  More advanced students can play descriptive Jeopardy games.

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