High School Spanish Video Project

January 17, 2011 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, Projects, SPANISH CLASS NOW · Comment 

Spanish Class Now: Student Videos

Calling all high school teachers or anybody who works with tweens and teens in Spanish.  Here is an organized Video Project Handout that you can customize to your students’ texts, content, and units.

I find that students needs explicit detail, especially when they go nuts over making a video. Think and implement CONTROL, ORGANIZATION, MINUTE TO MINUTE MANAGEMENT.  The video projects require us all to be way on top of our game.


Free Spanish Reading Report Project

January 5, 2011 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, SPANISH CLASS NOW · Comment 

It’s time for students to show you what they know about what they have read.  In my case, Spanish II has finished the controlled novellete Viva el Toro by Blain Ray.  So, they are going to create and write a BOOK COVER in either electronic or hard copy form. I tell them to WOW me since I will be reading tons of them all on the same book . . . . that I’ve read 100 times.

Free Reading Project Report.

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