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Mexico Research on the Internet

Sometimes just diving in to Spanish and sifting through it teaches you best. Reading in Spanish on the Spanish language Internet is a vital skill, and like anything else, the more you do it the better you get at it.

Print out this handout on Mexico. Mexico Internet Research Points.   You then need to change the language preferences on Google to include español. Search for each topic and write down what you have found in SPANISH.

Now, here is a quiz or basic assessmentÑ  Mexico Internet Research Questions . Students formulated their own Spanish questions based on the Research Project. Formulating and asking QUESTIONS is a vital skill.

Spanish Speaking Culture: the History of Chocolate

Haciendo Chocolate Caliente en México.

See the Spanish video above from Mexican chocolate manufacturer Mayordomo of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Divine is my synonym for chocolate! Most of the world loves chocolate in its now myriad of forms, and most of us don’t think about where chocolate came from.  It’s just one of the wonderful, ubiquitous things that IS.

Chocolate, or cho-coh-lah-teh as we say, comes from Mexico! Learning Spanish is also learning about Spanish speaking culture, and here are the basics about some ancient Mexican culture.  An excellent way to learn about Spanish speaking culture is to learn about it in Spanish, or en espaol.



  • El tribu de los Olmecas llevaron el cacao a México antes de Cristo. The tribe of the Olmecas brought cocoa to Mexico before Christ, or Before the Common Era.
  • Los Aztecas bebieron el cacao como una bebida muy amarga.  The Aztecs drank cocoa as a bitter beverage.
  • El explorador Hernán Cortés llevó el cacao a España. The explorer Hernan Cortez brought cocoa to Spain.
  • Los españoles añadieron aúzcar y canela al chocolate. The Spaniards added sugar and cinammon to chocolate.

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