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un libro

It’s almost here, la aperatura de las clases, or the opening of school!  New or recycled school supplies, or unos materiales escolares, are on eveybody’s mind.

Hispanic Country Cultural Note

Spanish speaking countries have big-box stores that sell school supplies, but there still remains the small office supply or school supply store, la papelería.  Many people head there to get the following:

  • unos lápices= some pencils
  • unos bolígrafos= some pens
  • un bloc de papel= a packet of paper
  • unas carpetas= some binders
  • unos cuadernos= some workbooks
  • unas gomas= some erasers
  • unos marcadores= some markers

Gender & Articles

School supplies, unos materiales escolares, are perfect for teaching and practicing gender, definite articles, and indefinite articles.  Articles are used much more in Spanish than in English and the correct gender is required.  La, Las are for feminine things and El, Los are for masculine.  Un, unos, una, and unas mean “a” or “some.”

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