Using the Spanish Conditional- or el potencial simple

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Practice the Spanish conditional mode or the I COULD way of expressing actions as in: I could eat the whole enchilada. Comería la enchilada completa.   A couple of pointers:

  • The infinitive stays intact, or as is, for REGULAR VERBS
  • Irregular verbs do have a stem change; they’re irregular.

Check out this simple, basic explanation: The Conditional Mode

Practice some Conversational Questions

  1. ¿Comerías una pizza entera?
  2. ¿Irías a un parque en el tiempo bonito?
  3. ¿Si tuvieras much tiempo libre en el fin de semana, que harías?
  4. ¿Qué películas verias si tuvieras el chance de ver tres en sequida?

And, here’s some practice or an assessment for using the conditional and double object pronouns in the context or situation of air travel. Spanish Conditional: Air Travel

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