Free Spanish 5 de Mayo Activities

El Cinco de Mayo is almost here!  ¡Viva México!  ¡Viva Juárez!  Who was Juárez?  Benito Juárez was the Zapotec Indian general who lead the Mexican troops to victory.   Celebrate the vital Mexican victory of the Battle of Puebla with Spanish speakers and learners.

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Spanish Santa Clause & Holiday Vocabulary

Papá Noel

Papá Noel

Santa Claus is coming to town! Viene Papá a la ciudad! The holidays are here.  Foreign Language House has it all wrapped up for you in Santa’s Visit in Spanish, a versatile unit of readings and activities for all ages of novice Spanish speakers.

Spanish Colors, Sizes & Descriptions

Review your Spanish colors, sizes, and descriptions as you describe Santa, or Papá Noel.

  • Papá Noel es gordo.  Santa Claus is fat.
  • Papá Noel es generoso.  Santa Claus is generous.

Using Spanish Verbs

Now, describe some action, or use some verbs.

  • Papá Noel llega a la casa.  Santa Claus arrives a the house.
  • Papá Noel entra en la casa.  Santa Claus enters the house.
  • Papá Noel pone un regalo debajo del árbol de la Navidad. Santa puts a present under the Christmas tree.

You can just see Santa, can’t you?  That’s the point.  You’ve just learned some more Spanish, or you’ve practiced.  Ho, Ho, Ho!

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