Spanish Martin Luther King Day Vocabulary & Activities

Martin Luther King Day, el 18 de enero, will soon be here.  Celebrating such a great man and all that he fought for is a great way to introduce or talk about the more important aspects of life.

Spanish MLK JR Vocabulary

  • liberty- la libertad
  • equality- la igualdad
  • peace- la paz
  • I have a dream- Tengo un sueño
  • discrimiation- la discriminación
  • segregation- la segregación

Click below for some simple, practical handouts full of Martin Luther King Jr. Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Vocabulary and Basic Reading

Martin Luther King Jr.  Time Line

Martin Luther King Jr. Spanish Vocabulary and Mini-Projects

Free Spanish Thanksgiving Activities

Today is the last day you can get the free Spanish Thanksgiving Activities: games, readings, chants, vocabulary and more from

The sign up is to the right.  So go for it before  they go on sale tomorrow, November 25th.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a great time to practice Spanish foods, family, and even setting the table.  La comida, la familia, y poner la mesa.

Practicing preferences or what you like and don’t like is perfect too: ME GUSTA OR NO ME GUSTA.  See the Thanksgving freebies from Foreign Language House to get all of this.  Qué tenga un feliz día de la acción de gracias.

Spanish Thanksgiving Lessons & Activities

Feliz Día de la Acción de Gracias

Feliz Día de la Acción de Gracias

Looking for some fun Thanksgiving activities in Spanish?If you’re looking for a collection of Spanish Thanksgiving activities, or a short unit, you’re in the right place.  Be sure to check out this Thanksgiving power point story. All materials work in a classroom or for home-educators, or even just for some fun around the house.

If you’re a homeschooling parent, or an adult interested in introducing children to Spanish, there are also materials for you. This holiday we’ve provided units for every age and most Spanish language levels. See the list and selections below:

Spanish Turkey Finger Play for Preschoolers

Spanish Thanksgiving Story for Grades 3-6

Spanish Thanksgiving Story for Grades 6-12

As foreign language education research shows, the framework of a story makes language memorable & appealing to all learners.  Story is the defining component of Foreign Language House materials and these materials have plenty.

See the fun, practical Spanish preference expressions with Thanksgiving too

Spanish Homework & Practice Activities

Do you need some independent Spanish practice activities?  Do you need a handy list to give to your students to choose from?  There are so many activities that Spanish learners can do from the early novice level to the advanced.  Grouping the activities into skill groups is helpful:

Oral activities, Reading activities, Writing activities, and Listening Activities.

Here are some Spanish Independent Practice Activities

Oral: singing songs, chants, practicing tongue twisters, teaching Spanish vocabulary to someone, or narrating or answering questions into an MP3 file.

Reading: reading aloud, reading silently, illustrating paragraphs, highlighting parts of speech

Writing: drawing and labeling, labeling, alphabetizing words, writing phrases, writing answers

Listening: listening to CD tracks, songs, pod-casts, songs, radio or tv

Now, how to keep your self or students accountable?  Click here to see the compilation of Spanish Homework and Practice Activities that includes checklists and reproducible forms.

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