Basic Spanish Verbs Podcast

Here are some basic Spanish verbs in the third person, present tense.  He walks or It flies.

Spanish Verbs – third person, present tense

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La Familia Spanish Podcast

Nothing is more important than la familia! A simple Spanish Family podcast, Spanish Family or la Familia

Spanish World Cup Nations Vocabulary

The internationalism of la Copa Mundial, or the World Cup Soccer, is always fascinating.  Latin American teams are dominating this Copa, so here are some countries en español. Here is a podcast of world nations in Spanish.

Nations in Spanish

  • Argentina = la Argentina
  • Brazil = Brasil
  • Chile = Chile
  • Spanish = Espaa
  • Mexico =Mxico
  • Paraguay= Paraguay
  • Alemani = Germany
  • Italy = Italia
  • France = Francia
  • England = Inglaterra
  • Denmark = Dinamarca
  • Portugal = Portugal
  • Serbia = Serbia
  • Slovakia = Eslovaquía
  • Japan = Japón

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