Spanish Game: Prepositions & the Pool

Practice those Spanish prepositions, location words, with the pool!  Use basic Spanish prepositions and a picture of a swimming pool to play a great game full of repetition, but fun.

Goal: Learn Spanish prepositions well enough to recall and say or write them.

Materials: 1.  a list of basic Spanish prepositions.  See previous post on this site.  2.  index cards: one Spanish preposition per card.  Enough cards for entire group of students necessary; repeats are fine. 3.  a picture of a bright blue swimming pool on an 81/2″” by 11” piece of paper (Use plenty of Spanish to describe this.)  4.  Spanish prepositions song.  See previous post


  1. Practice saying, chanting, & singing the Spanish prepositions to the chant and song
  2. Pass out 1 Spanish preposition card to each student
  3. Place the swimming pool picture, la piscina, in the middle of the circle of players, en el centro.
  4. Teacher counts- uno, dos, tres.  Then all players reveal their card.  The teacher chooses the first player to say the Spanish preposition on the card, demonstrate it with la piscina, or even say a Spanish sentence with the preposition & the pool.  This player chooses the next player, and so on.
  5. Players all switch cards.

Once you have a class set of cards, the possibilities for card games are endless.  Use your own ideas, experience, and creativity to come up with even more.  Charades are fun and all sorts of races are exciting too.

Spanish Pool Lesson: Prepositions & the Pool

It’s time to go to the pool and jump in, or va a dentro.  The pool, or la piscina, is the best place to teach, practice, or review Spanish prepositions.  Those pesky little words, prepositions, that show location can be hard to remember.  In English there are about 50, such as at, around, about, behind, beyond, in, out.

Spanish Preposition Chant

Chants are the best way to remember short words.  Check out the chant below

en, debajo, dentro, fuera

delante, detrás, arriba, abajo

al lado, derecha, izquierda,

!las preposiciones!

*English translation

on, below, inside, out

in front of, behind, up, & down

besid, righ, left

the prepositions!

Spanish Pool Vocabulary

  • The pool= la piscina (la pees-eeh-nah) /la alberca
  • The bathing suit= el traje de baño (el traheh de banyo)
  • The towel= la toalla (la toaya)
  • The water- el agua (el awah)

Spanish Phrases

1.  Está . . . .  la piscina. He/she/it is  . . . the pool.

2.  Va  en la piscina. He/she/it goes in the pool.

3.  Nada en la piscina. He/she/it swims in the pool.

Use #1 to practice those preposiciones: Está al lado de la piscina.  Está delante de la piscina.  Está debajo del agua.

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