Spanish Basketball Vocabulary: The Final Four is almost Here!

It’s basketball, or básquetbol, season.  The Final Four tournament is coming up, so lets talk about básquetbol en español.  Included in todays post: 1. Spanish básquetbol vocabulary, 2.  a podcast of the vocabulary 3. A Spanish conversational question and answer on básquetbol.  4.  a brief writing activity.


  • basketball= básquetbol or el baloncesto
  • the hoop or rim= el cesto or la canasta
  • the ball= el balón
  • the court= la pista or la cancha
  • the player= el jugador, or la jugadora (feminine)
  • driblar= to dribble
  • pasar= to pass
  • lanzar= to throw or shoot
  • atrapar= to catch

Podcast of Spanish Vocabulary.  CLICK Spanish Basketball Vocabulary Podcast

Conversational Questions and Answer

Do you play basketball = ¿Juegas al básquetbol?

Yes,  I play basketball or No, I don’t play basketball.= Sí, juego al básquetbol.  or No, no juegas al básquetbol.

WRITING ACTIVITY= CLICK básquetbol writing activity

Click here for a more in depth Spanish basketball lesson.

Spanish Verbs & American Football

January 29, 2010 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary · Comment 

Yes, it can be done. Combining Spanish grammar with fun content like American football just makes the process of learning and acquiring Spanish better. Learners remember interesting, relevant, or unusual contexts for the Spanish that is presented tot hem.  And the Super Bowl, or Súper Bol, is almost here!  Here are some Spanish Super Bol terms:

El Súper Bol

  • el jugador= the player
  • el equipo= the team
  • el entrenador= the coach
  • el estadio- the stadium
  • el campo- the field
  • el tanto= the score
  • lanza= he throws
  • patea= he kicks
  • atrapa= he catches
  • bloquea= he blocks

Click here for Spanish Verbs & American Football Printables.

Practice Spanish Numbers with the Super Bowl!

Fútbol Americano

Fútbol Americano

Super Bowl 43 is almost here, and it is the perfect way to practice using Spanish numbers.  The excitement of the game, the teams, and the players bring Spanish numbers alive like no other event.   There are so many opporutnities to use Spanish numbers: describing players and their jersey numbers, player and team stats, and describing the field.

Most of us love the Super Bowl, so talking about it in Spanish is fun.  Here is some basic Super Bowl vocabulary:

  • fútbol americano- American football
  • el equipo- the team
  • el jugador- the player
  • el entrenador jefe- the head coach
  • el mariscal- the quarterback
  • la línea defensiva- the defensive line
  • la línea ofensiva- the offensive line

Spanish Numbers-20 to 100 in tens

  • veinte- 20
  • treinta- 30
  • cuarenta- 40
  • cincuenta- 50
  • seisenta- 60
  • setenta- 70
  • ochenta- 80
  • noventa- 90
  • ciento (cien in front of nouns)- 100

Click here for more Spanish Super Bowl Practice with Numbers

Click here for an early elementary Super Bowl Unit

Click here for the unit at

Spanish Vocabulary: Olympic Sports Beijing 2008

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The Olympic Games-los juegos olimpicos

The Olympic Games-los juegos olimpicos


We’re all going to be talking about the Summer Olympics in Beijing, so why not in Spanish too?  What better way to learn and practice sports vocabularys and some basic phrases?

Some Basic Olympic Games Vocabulary

Los Juegos Olímpicos – the Olympic Games

El equipo – the team

Los puntos- the points

Los miembros- the members

El partido – the game, match

Los jugadores- the players

La natación- swimming

La gimnasia – gymnastics

El fútbol- soccer

La vía – track

*You can name el equipo de los Estados Unidos de America/the US Team.

*You can name los equipos de futbol, la natacion, y la gimnasia/the soccer, swimming, and gymnastics teams.

Action: General Verbs

You can use the very Basic form of some Olympics action words.  The specifics of Spanish verbs and their nuances require study and practice, so we won’t go into that here.

Gana- wins                                    lucha- struggles, fights

Pierde- loses                                    corre- runs

Juega- plays                                    salta – jumps

* El equipo de Francia lucha mucho.  The French team struggles.

*El jugador chino juega bien.  The Chinese player plays well.

Want some basic phraesology?

Cuántos jugadores hay en el equipo? How many players are on the team?

Cómo es el equipo? What is the team like?

Qué equipo gana?  Which team is winning?

Qué equipo pierde?  Which team is losing?

Juega bien el equipo de Francia?  Is the French team playing well?

Go for it!  Tomorrow’s post will have some more phrases and a geography vocabulary list of activities.  Hasta luego.



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