Spanish Oscar Activities

It’s Academy Award time!  Spanish students, especially the tween and teen set, love talking about the Oscars. Be ready for Los Premios Oscar 2011 with These Activities. Students also have practice using the superlative, mejor, or the best.

Spanish Oscar Vocabulary

  • la película – the film
  • el actor- the actor
  • la actriz – the actress
  • el director- the director
  • la película documental- the documentary
  • la película animada – the animated film

Spanish Games: Cards

I just came back from giving a workshop at the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, FLANC, in Raleigh, NC and it is always fantastic to meet other teachers and learn about the magic they create in classrooms.

My colleague Diane & I noticed that several people were interested in the Spanish games we presented using pictures cards, vocabulary, phrases, or questions.  Here is a student favorite, PEGALO. It’s rowdy and loud, the learners will be speaking lots of Spanish.

Materials: sets of identical flaschards, students

Spanish Usage goal: Student recognize, recall, and say the necessary Spanish required by the flashccards


  1. Decide on typed of groups: full class or groups of 4-5 students.
  2. Each group has only 1 set of the flashcards
  3. Place the flashcards with the picture, phrase, or question face up in the center of the group of student
  4. Decide on whom the caller will be: Teacher, or a group member
  5. The caller calls out the Spanish vocabulary or the phrase or question.
  6. The students in the group race each other to try to hit the correct card first.
  7. The first hitter wins the round and takes the card.
  8. The player with the most cards is the winner.

Here are some more fun Spanish games:  Games.

Spanish Earth Day- The 3 R’s. Las Tres R

April 21, 2009 · Posted in Preschool Spanish, Spanish Vocabulary · 1 Comment 

Earth Day, el Día de la Tierra, just has so much for Spanish learners!  A great start is with the three R’s of Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse, and Recylce. Reducir, Reutilizar, y Reciclar.  (**SEE THE FREE SPANISH EARTH DAY COLORING SHEET LINKED BELOW)

Back to Basics: Alphabet and Phonics

Going over the Spanish alphabet, el alfabeto, can never hurt.  The sooner learners recognize and then learn the relationships of the Spanish letters to the Spanish sounds, the better. Spell out each R word and then pronounce or even chant them.  Have contest of who can spell an R word the quickest, or say all three of them the quickest.

Spanish R’s

It’s obvious that the rr in Tierra gets the tongue roll, but a good emphasis on an r tongue roll for r’s at the beginning of words is important too.  The tongue gets a work out on el Día de la Tierra.

Here is one of my tongue twisters:  La cebra corre en la sierra.


Spanish Presidential Inauguration Vocabulary

La Casa Blanca

La Casa Blanca

Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration is going to be the most exciting event world-wide! So, why not talk about it in Spanish?  Here is a Spanish list of inauguration vocabulary:

Inauguration Vocabulary in Spanish

  • The inauguration= la investidura
  • The president= el presidente
  • The vice president= el vicepresidente
  • To take an oath= prestar un juramento
  • The parade= el desfile
  • The military fanfare= la fanarria military
  • The Capitol= el Capitolio
  • The White House= la Casa Blanca

For a change of pace, try a Spanish speaking TV channel, or look at a Spanish language website for inauguration coverage.

Foreign Language House’s newest thematic unit, Spanish Inauguration Activities, is now available.  Click here.

Free Spanish Winter Spanish Vocabulary

January 9, 2009 · Posted in Middle School Spanish, Spanish Vocabulary · Comment 
unas gorras, unos guantes, y una bufanda.

unas gorras, unos guantes, y una bufanda.

Ah, the winter blahs and that firsts rough week of school, especially for Spanish I students.  Winter, or el invierno, is an excellent time to review, practice, or learn clothing items in Spanish.

Vocabulario: la Ropa para el Invierno

  • la gorra= knit hat
  • la bufanda= the scarf, or muffler
  • los guantes= the gloves
  • el abrigo= the coat
  • la chaqueta= the jacket
  • las medias= the tights
  • el suéter- the sweater

Click here for a Spanish I clothing unit with a story for grades 6-12.

Click here for a Spanish winter coloring pages with vocabulary.

Learn Spanish Body Parts & Celebrate a Fall Festival

October 14, 2008 · Posted in Preschool Spanish, Spanish Songs, Spanish Vocabulary · Comment 
El espantapájaros

El espantapájaros

For those who don’t participate in Halloween, Fall Festival activities are just as much fun, or moreso.  Learn about the face parts in Spanish with a friendly jack o lantern, or una calabaza or una linterna. Label body parts on a scarecrow, or un espantapájaros.

Face Vocabulary- las partes de la cara

  • los ojos- the eyes
  • la nariz- the nose
  • la boca- the mouth
  • the smile- la sonrisa

Basic Body Parts- las partes del cuerpo

  • la cabeza- the head
  • the neck- el cuelllo
  • the shoulders- los hombros
  • the stomach- el estómago
  • the chest-el pecho
  • the arms- los brazos
  • the hands- los manos
  • the knees- las rodillas
  • the legs- las piernas
  • the feet- los pies

Have fun with a collection of fall festival activities and learn your Spanish body parts¡

Spanish Vocabulary: Olympic Sports Beijing 2008

July 25, 2008 · Posted in Spanish Vocabulary, spanish speaking activities · Comment 


The Olympic Games-los juegos olimpicos

The Olympic Games-los juegos olimpicos


We’re all going to be talking about the Summer Olympics in Beijing, so why not in Spanish too?  What better way to learn and practice sports vocabularys and some basic phrases?

Some Basic Olympic Games Vocabulary

Los Juegos Olímpicos – the Olympic Games

El equipo – the team

Los puntos- the points

Los miembros- the members

El partido – the game, match

Los jugadores- the players

La natación- swimming

La gimnasia – gymnastics

El fútbol- soccer

La vía – track

*You can name el equipo de los Estados Unidos de America/the US Team.

*You can name los equipos de futbol, la natacion, y la gimnasia/the soccer, swimming, and gymnastics teams.

Action: General Verbs

You can use the very Basic form of some Olympics action words.  The specifics of Spanish verbs and their nuances require study and practice, so we won’t go into that here.

Gana- wins                                    lucha- struggles, fights

Pierde- loses                                    corre- runs

Juega- plays                                    salta – jumps

* El equipo de Francia lucha mucho.  The French team struggles.

*El jugador chino juega bien.  The Chinese player plays well.

Want some basic phraesology?

Cuántos jugadores hay en el equipo? How many players are on the team?

Cómo es el equipo? What is the team like?

Qué equipo gana?  Which team is winning?

Qué equipo pierde?  Which team is losing?

Juega bien el equipo de Francia?  Is the French team playing well?

Go for it!  Tomorrow’s post will have some more phrases and a geography vocabulary list of activities.  Hasta luego.



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