un árbol de Navidad verde y alto

un árbol de Navidad para colorear

The colors of Christmas and the holidays sing to young Spanish learners; they learn it when they see it!  Nothing is as green, verde, as a Christmas tree, un árbol de la Navidad.  And nothing is as red, rojo, as Sant’s suit, el traje de Papá Noel.

Christmas Tree Colors Activity

Teach or practice Spanish colors along with Christmas vocabulary using coloring and decorating requests in Spanish.  Youngsters hear and understand Spanish so well!  See Christmas Activities for Young Children for many more Christmas vocabulary and coloring activities.

Spanish Coloring Requests

  1. Colorea el árbol de la Navidad verde. Color the Christmas tree green.
  2. Colorea la estrella en el árbol de la Navidad amarillo. Color the start on the Christmas tree yellow.
  3. Colorea los adornos rojo.  Color the ornaments red.
  4. Colorea los regalos azul, anaranjado, y morado.  Color the presents blue, orange, and purple.

Learners can then try to describe their Christmas trees in Spanish!