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For learning Spanish and French, Diane and I find that most teachers & parents we work with want to know how to play the several card games we use.  We use a set of picture vocabulary cards, phrases, questions, or even verb conjugations to play a variety of card games.  A favorite is the raucous 1, 2. 3, Uno, Dos, Tres based on the American card game “war.”

Materials: a set of 4-8 flashcards: pictures, phrases, questions, or other Spanish. NO ENGLISH.

Spanish Language Goal: Learners can recognize, recall, and say- loudly- the Spanish called for on the card.

Step by Steps

  1. Learners are grouped into groups of 3 4, or maybe 5.
  2. Each person has his/her own set of cards.  All card sets are identical.
  3. The Object is to lose all cards
  4. The teacher, or the group members, call out: Uno, Dos, Tres!
  5. Each player puts down a card face up.
  6. If two or more players in a group have matching cards, then the race to shout the Spanish vocabulary is one.  Learners vie to be the first Spanish shouter or the correct answer.
  7. The first player to shout the correct Spanish elicited by the card is the winner.
  8. The winner puts his card in a discard pile.

Lots of shouting in Spanish . . .but, learners are indeed speaking the language.  Want more Spanish Games?

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